Victoria Electronic Circuit Ltd. is a professional printed circuit board manufacturer, specializing in high-precision single-sided, multi-layer circuit boards and plug-and-patch boards, specifically serving high-tech enterprises and scientific research institutes at home and abroad. The company has established venues across an 8,000 m2 production base in Shenzhen Xixiang. It is easy to transport and has fast service. 

The company introduced advanced circuit board equipment and employed experienced people of outstanding ability. The company is a manufacturer with a large scale, advanced equipment, strict management, and high quality. Since it was established in 2003, our scale has been growing rapidly. And now we own a factory with more than 8,000 m2 and 800 staff. Our products have been granted by ISO9001 and SGS Systems in 2004 and have also achieved EU ROHS lead-free HAL certification and UL certification in 2005. The introduction of advanced production equipment trained a powerful printed circuit board processing team and strengthened the marketing development, engineering design, processing quality assurance, and the management tenet of repaying society. Enterprises will take enlisting professionals as a foothold, regarding quality as life, and provide customers with the best quality products and the most satisfactory services.


The company purchased advanced production test equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany, Israel, and so on and so forth. Through the effort of the R&D team, we have successfully developed the mechanical micro-hole, high aperture ratio, a few senior backplanes with high accuracy impedance, HDI, and the FPC, and other leading production technologies.

We are capable of delivering more than 100 species in a day and more than 4,000 varieties of species.The material area can be 35,000 m2. Manufacturing-experienced staff can provide customers with tailor-made models. Two panels can be rapidly processed in 24 hours, and four to eight layers can be processed in up to 48-72 hours. Stabilize and support the process of customer R&D projects, as well as lead marketing opportunities.


"Worry about the needs of users, think about what users would like to think, about the quality of survival, the speed of development, and make the most of Shenzhen" is Victoria's service purpose. During the development process, everyone comes together as one, works hard together, and dedicates themselves to creating a first-class cultural environment and first-class enterprises. Continue ISO9001 standards, uphold the spirit of perseverance. All should participate in quality improvement, constantly absorb the latest international technology, improve product quality and meet customer needs. "To be the best in Shenzhen" is the unremitting effort made by the people of Victoria to achieve their goals.

Victoria Electronic Circuit Ltd.

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