UNEXIM Austria



Founded in the year 2000, UNEXIM Handels-GmbH has developed into a dynamic, fast-growing company, with a sound track record of being a vital logistical hand for supply of raw materials to producers in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Middle Asia, in the field of cosmetics, household chemicals, the food  and pharmaceutical industries.

Our activities concentrate on wholesale distribution of natural ingredients, as well as synthetic and nature-identical chemical specialties. The company is dedicating its efforts in developing a Distribution Network Strategy suited to the local requirements of each country and respective market segment.

The company is constantly striving to broaden its scope of activities and widen the range of the products on offer.

Customers can reach us at our Headquarters in Vienna, or can contact our local partner companies or respresentative offices in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk and Sofia. Our competent Staff speak German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Hungarian.


UNEXIM Handels GmbH

Address: Felbigergasse 62/6+7, 1140 Vienna, Austria

Telephone: +43 1 91443-47-0

Fax: +43 1 91443-47-20

E-mail: office@unexim.at