Our 2017 Serbian Business Directory editions are now available


The latest editions of our 2017 Serbian Business Directory, including the Program/CD and Catalog, are now available and distributed to our subscribers. Both editions are bilingual, in Serbian and English. Hence, the updated information about the Serbian companies enrolled in our database is now available worldwide.

Currently, the latest editions of the Serbian Business Directory are being distributed to fairs, embassies, chambers of commerce and trade representative offices in Serbia and Abroad.

Our bilingual 2017 Serbian Business Directory Catalog has information about 500 companies, organizations and institutions selected by our editorial board from throughout Serbia. The Catalog is intended for all subscribers and advertisers to all of our Serbian Business Directory editions as well as other interested parties such as fairs, embassies, chambers of commerce and representative offices in Serbia and abroad. The Catalog is printed in color and is available for viewing in PDF format as well as e-catalog on our website.

You can find out more information about our Catalog here >>>

Our 2017 Program/CD is also available both in Serbian and English, thus the updated information about Serbian companies enrolled in our database is from now on available worldwide. The English version is distributed under the title B2B Serbia – Program/CD and can be downloaded for free as a test-trial from www.b2b-serbia.com.

This software’s latest version has been improved in regards to the secure monthly downloading of new information from the internet. Additionally, users will no longer need to install the new version upon termination of their subscription (license) and can simply carry on working with the same software after renewing their subscription.

Find out more about the Program/CD here >>>