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Jordan in Vienna is sales representative of Ortlinghaus Group!

Otto Ortlinghaus established the Ortlinghaus Group in 1898. It originally manufactured machine knives and tools. Since 1923 Ortlinghaus has been producing plates, which form the techno-logical core of most of our products. Today, we are a fourth-generation family-run company with more than 550 employees and manufacturing sites in Germany, Switzerland, and China.

We are proud of our long history and have structures and processes in place to ensure the long-term stability of the Group. Our values and long-term targets, which comprise stability, innovation, and growth, are aligned in this respect, too. One of the most distinctive features of the Group is its collaborative culture. Shareholders, management and employees alike all have a firm commitment to this. In addition, we promise our customers to always and unwaveringly protect the Ortlinghaus brand, which is embodied in the quality of our products. Since the foundation of our company, we have repeatedly left our mark on technology history: As early as 1932, Ortlinghaus produced multi-plate clutches as a complete machine element. However, we achieved worldwide renown with the Sinus®plate, which had a substantial impact on press technology. The last decade has seen many breakthrough developments in the field of mechatronic systems, especially in the press technology and marine technology sectors. One recent example of this is the Pa.go mechatronic closed-loop control system for clutch-brake units in large automotive presses. Next to the construction technology sector, Ortlinghaus is active in the following industries:

• Marine technology

• Agriculture & Forestry technology

• Press technology

• Oil & Gas technology

• Materials handling technology

• Mining technology

We have been active in the field of construction technology for more than 75 years. Today, we offer products across the entire spectrum of drives and slewing gears as well as cranes and winches. This includes free-fall winch brakes, hydraulic multi-plate brakes and plates. Ortlinghaus has developed a reputation for quality throughout the world – and we are highly motivated to meet and exceed our previous standards. We work with our customers to create custom solutions that are characterized by innovation and superior engineering. Our global network, consisting of more than 25 branch offices, sales partners, and service points, ensures to respond quickly and stay in touch with our clients' needs. Ortlinghaus values and long-term targets, which comprise stability, innovation, and growth, are aligned in this respect, too.

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