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Albaglobal provides corporations and organizations with rapid, accurate and high quality services in all areas of foreign language communications. This includes products, services literature, company information, marketing collateral, training material and much more. 
Our translation and interpretation services are performed by native speakers who maintain a regular connection with their country of origin. Albaglobal also require that all of our translators possess a robust knowledge of specific industries to ensure the most accurate translation of our clients' material.

We serve our clients through a comprehensive set of language-related services:

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We have extensive experience in a vast range of fields including technical translation, legal translation, creative copy-writing in foreign languages and documentation with very specific financial terminology. All of our clients are invited to request an example specimen of a similar piece of work to ensure that they are satisfied with the quality and standard of the translation service we offer.

Albania - general information:

Albania lies on the eastern Adriatic coastline, bordered by Montenegro to the north, Kosovo to the north-east, Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south and south-east. 

Two thirds of the interior is mountainous, while the main population centres lie on the coastal plain stretching from Shkodra in the north to Vlora in the south. The plains enjoy a Mediterranean climate in contrast to continental climate of the Balkan interior.

Albanian economy has struggled to recover from the distortions of the communist regime, the impact of the move to a market economy. Growth is strong albeit from a very low base. Energy provision remains a serious problem as a result of under investment and low water levels in the reservoirs on which hydroelectric production depends. Privatisation is ongoing, but has been completed in small and medium sized enterprises.

Overseas remittances play an important role in revenue to the Albanian economy. Albania is rich in mineral resources, with chrome, ferrochrome, iron, nickel and copper present in considerable quantities. There are also oil and gas reserves. Mineral extraction offers good prospects but requires sizeable foreign investment.


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